Spark Church

Growing together.

Children aren't just the future of the church, they are the church right now.

Every Sunday, barring some special occasions, we offer Spark Church during 9:30 AM worship.

What is Spark Church?

Spark Church is a part of worship where children learn about the bible. They explore the same Sunday readings as the adults, but at their own level.
Why Spark Church instead of Sunday School?

Spark Church is not separate from worship, it is part of worship. Children are a vital part of the congregation and should not be made to feel separate from it. Spark Church allows children to worship with their families, explore the readings in an age-appropriate way, and then continue that learning at home.
Ok... so how does it work?

Families start in the sanctuary together with their big church family (aka, the whole congregation). Soon, Pastor will welcome the kids forward to share a message with them, then invite to Spark Church. Kids will rejoin their families soon after the sermon concludes. Currently, Spark Church is offered during 9:30 AM (or 10:00 AM if there is just one) worship.
Who can attend?

Spark Church is designed for children in preschool through 4th or 5th grade. Younger children may also join us, but we ask that a parent/guardian comes with them. We also encourage a parent/guardian to attend with their special needs child, at least for the first few sessions. Parents are always welcome!
How can families continue learning together at home?

Children's bulletins are available each week, with bible-based activities to do at home or at church. Children's bibles and other at-home resources are available as well.
Still have questions?

Please contact Renata Conger, who prayerfully runs all children & youth ministries at First English, if you want to know more.

Events for the Whole Family!
  • Rally Day: our "back to school" kickoff, complete with youth-led worship, a bounce house, and lunch.
  • Oktoberfest: a catered German feast complete with live oompah band.
  • Carol-A-Long: with crafts and carols for all, the children's pageant, and cookies with Santa.
  • Vacation Bible School: a week-long day camp centered on learning about God and having tons of fun at the same time.
  • ... and so many more!
Renata's Office Hours

Renata Conger, your friendly neighborhood Spider Man Parish Education and Youth Ministry Coordinator, organizes programming for just-born through just-barely-adult. She is in the office Sunday-Thursday each week. Her office is located right next to the sanctuary, and she would love to chat with you anytime! She is often in other parts of the building (or on trips with the youth) so it's best to contact her before you'd like to meet.
Call Renata at
313-884-5040, ext. 13

A Day With Spark Church