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When you arrive at First English you will enter a place that will welcome you to join with followers of Christ in worship, fellowship and service. Whether you attend worship at 9:30 AM or 11:00 AM, there is always a place for you. Yet, you might be wondering...When I come to worship what should I wear or where do I park or what do I do when I arrive? We can answer those questions!

What should I wear?

Clothing. It’s that simple. Maybe you would like to wear a three-piece suit or a formal dress or maybe shorts and a t-shirt. Any of these options are fine. If you come to worship in a polo shirt and khakis, a blouse and slacks, a sweatshirt and athletic shorts, you will be welcomed and will be able to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed.

Where do I park?

When you arrive, whether you are entering from Vernier Road or Wedgewood Drive, you will want to park in main lot at the back of the property, which is on the North side of the building, and enter through the glass doors. There are handicap parking spots if needed and a handicap entrance as well. 

Now what do I do?

You have parked your car, entered through the glass doors and find yourself in a large lobby area. You are only a short distance away from the worship space. You may use the elevator to your right to get to the third floor, okay, it really is only the second floor but the elevator calls it "3". Or, you may take the stairs to your right and walk up to the next floor, you can call it 2nd or 3rd, it’s fine either way.
You will walk down a fairly long hallway, passing the lounge on your left, where special treats and great conversation await after worship and at the end of the hallway you will find your place to worship.

What is worship like at 9:30AM?

Our 9:30 AM worship service calls us together to hear the Word, pray, sing with music led by our worship band, and be fed through Holy Communion. During worship, children will have the opportunity to participate in a children’s message and Spark Church to learn more about God’s love for them. 

What is worship like at 11:00AM?

Our 11:00 AM worship service is a traditional Lutheran liturgical service with sung responses, Scripture, prayer and the celebration of Holy Communion. Our music director leads the liturgy and hymn singing with our beautiful organ and you may also hear the gospel proclaimed through our lyric or bell choir.

What about worship during the summer?

In the summer we switch up our worship time to 10:00am on Sunday morning. Even though it’s a different time, we continue to hear the Word, sing God’s praises, pray, have the Children's Message and Spark Church, and celebrate communion. The difference is we bring everyone together at one worship service so we can share in a greater fellowship before, during and after worship. It’s an important reminder that we are one family in Christ. 

Worship ended...Now what?

After worship, be prepared to meet people who are happy to meet you. You may be approached by young people, older people, people in suits, dresses or even in tracksuits who want to welcome you, answer questions, or simply share the love of God with you. They will also invite you to join them in sharing some time talking, relaxing and enjoying something to drink and a donut (or two!).

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Maybe we haven’t answered your question about what to expect. If not, please feel free to contact us either by email at FirstEnglish@feelc.org or by calling our office at (313)884-5040, and we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.