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Food Drive

It is with great joy that I share the results of our fill the trailer food drive. Our Board of Social Action has been encouraging us throughout the summer to keep the pantry full. For one week we took on the additional challenge of filling a trailer with food as we see more people struggling to be able to provide food for themselves and their families. The goal was to fill a trailer with about 120 cubic feet of food. What happened on Sunday is we filled a 208 cubic foot trailer with food and toiletries and about another 60 cubic feet of the truck bed with food and toilet paper. That means we met our goal more than two times over. Think about how many people will have food on their table, how many children will go to bed after having had a full meal, how many people will know that God has not forgotten them but cares about them and loves them because of your generosity, because you are living your faith and loving your neighbor. In Christ, the question is not can we do it, but is there anything we cannot do if He calls us to it? 


God bless you and the people who will have food to eat.

(A special thank you to all those who helped load the truck and trailer, those who helped unload all the food, and the people at Christ Lutheran who are sorting and distributing all the food.) 


Pastor Sean

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The only thing you need to bring is a sweet -- coffee cake, donuts, cookies, etc. -- keep it simple! 

Coffee Hour is hosted between worship services (or after, if there is only one service that day).

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